For the physically handicapped, mobility outside the home is often an important concern. While you can buy scooters, wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs for mobility within your home, around your yard and for use within your neighborhood, travel can be a considerable problem. A wheelchair accessible van can resolve this concern immediately. However, where do you acquire a handicap accessible van? Actually, your local mobility dealer is the single best place to start your search for your new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Local Mobility Dealers Vs. Regular Auto Dealers

Why should you consider using a mobility dealer, rather than another option? Can’t you simply visit a regular auto dealer and consult with them concerning a wheelchair accessible van? Most auto dealerships have some sort of program designed for the handicapped. However, you will find that these programs are rarely the right solution for your accessibility needs. In most cases, it will actually take longer to attain a wheelchair accessible van through a standard auto dealer than through a mobility dealer. Why is this? Primarily, it’s because standard auto dealerships lack a full understanding of these types of conversion vehicles.

What Makes Mobility Dealers The Better Choice?

Mobility dealers specialize in wheelchair accessible vans. They also know and sometimes carry the top industry mobility equipment for installation within the van. Consider the importance of your wheelchair ramp or your scooter lift – you will expect that equipment to continue working perfectly for years to come. A mobility dealer can ensure that you have the right equipment for the job. In addition, the dealer will make certain that only the highest quality mobility equipment is used.

Custom Solutions Designed To Fit Your Handicap Needs

However, perhaps the most important reason to get a wheelchair accessible van from a mobility dealer is the fact that they will actually offer an in-depth analysis of your special needs as a handicapped individual. Not all physically disabled persons have the same needs. For instance, do you need a wheelchair ramp or a lift? Do you intend to drive the vehicle? If so, then you will need different adaptive equipment such as handicap driving aids than someone who will be driven around. A mobility dealer gives you the keys to get your life back on the road.